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Bats is able to hold his own against 3 samurai-droids, each of them able to adapt to the opponent, long enough for Jay Garrick Flash to whip up and release a gas to stop them (The Brave And The Bold #13 (2008))

Takes out a large robot with batarangs

Takes down an "intellagent" high tech robot (Brave and the Bold #5)

A young Batman, manages to distract a giant WayneTech robot long enough for Luthor to escape to safety (Batman Confidential #2)

Takes out Kryptonian drones with explosive batarangs (Superman Batman #64)

Short circuits an intangible Superman robot with his sonic weapon (Batman and Superman: World's Finest #9)

Fighting alongside other heroes against the Manhunters (powerful androids who were created before the Green Lantern Corps by the Guardians of the Universe), Bats seemingly takes out one of them with a karate move (Green Lantern v4 #24)

Against Hugo Strange's monster men:

This is the damage caused by one of these Monster Men to eleven Maroni's gangsters (of the missing 2, one got handled by Strange's henchman, another one had an arm broken to begin with) (Batman & The Monster Men #2-3):

A young Batman, while already bloodied and affected by a poisoned dart that hit him in the previous issue, is trapped in a cell with all 3 of them, and has to battle them. But, despite sustaining serious injuries, he is able to fight them off (taking down one of them for more than half the fight & stabbing the eye of another one with a batarang in the process), escape, and indirectly take them out, all to Strange's amazement (Batman & The Monster Men #4).

Destroys magically reanimated hourmen with explosive charges

Battles a demon and beats him with a phosphorus flare and a fork (Shadow of the Bat #64)

A group of demons, through an enchantement, morph the batmobile in a demon-like monster and send it on a rampage in order to prevent Batman (who is inside the Batmobile) from pursuing him. Bats is able to fend off his now demonic car's attacks and to take control of it, then it changes back to normal (Batman: Book of Shadows)

Quickly handles two vampires (JLA #96)

Quickly takes down a Vampire (Batman & Superman vs Vampires & Werewolves #2)

Quickly takes care of two Parademons (Superman Batman #39)

Maintains the upperhand on mystical werebeasts known as Howlers despite being ambushed, physically inferior, and outnumbered up until Superman comes to help him out (Trinity #9)

Takes out Felix Faust's powerful mystical fire monster with an Co2 capsule

Brings down a dragon temporarily with his flares

Using his natural ability, Bruce kills the sea dragon with a sword despite having no memory of who he is (The Return of Bruce Wayne #2)

Defeats an Apokolips Demon Hound after being swallowed whole by it none the less (Superman/Batman #12)

Battles a strong demonic creature to a stalemate then with a little help manages to kill it (Batman & Superman vs Vampires & Werewolves #2)

Battles a giant demon Mahakala and does well against it but makes the mistake of letting his guard down when he turns his back on it

Manages to temporarily bring down Mahakala using a wrecking ball while at an construction site but it isn't enough as Etrigan still has to step in to make the save

Fights Etrigan in defense of the lives of two criminals and although has no shot of winning, he still shows a lot of determination to win even breaking free of Etrigan's grip and tossing him through cement bricks. Ultimately, Etrigan lets Batman live because he's so impressed that he refuses to surrender even when facing certain death

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Courageously takes on Etrigan and although is brutally beat down, refuses to quit until he's finally able to stun Etrigan long enough for a spell to transform him back into Jason Blood