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Resists the strong hold of Poison Ivy's pheromones on him eventually shattering its effects (Legends of the Dark Knight #43)

Batman is poisoned by a Venom that makes him see the world with Joker's eyes, but manages to shake off its effects and to save many of the people put in mortal danger by the killer clown, survive an explosion caused by him, and take him down (Batman Confidential #12).

Exposed to the Fever drug that causes severe hallucination he's also shot in the arm but works through both the drug and pain to still defeat Scarface (Detective Comics #584)

He is able to resist what is dubbed "the most potent truth serum ever created" despite he was already drugged to begin with (Sword Of Azrael #3)

Fights off Kook's illusion having experienced its drug effects before

Mirage's illusions overwhelm Batman and Robin enabling him to escape them. Batman then contructs an echo location earpiece to negate his illusions but its damaged in battle making Batman vulnerable to Mirage's illusion technology again. Nevertheless, through sheer mental focus and anger he's able to see through the illusions defeating Mirage.

Shadow of the Bat #67

The Thinker (who can mentally detect people's fears) and the Cheat (an hypnotist) have combined their psychic powers to take control of various people in order to bring Gotham City to chaos by framing Gordon and his men, Bruce Wayne and Batman of wrong-doings, so they could take advantage of the consequent havok in the stock exchange (see also Shadow of the Bat #65-66). But, when faced by the Dark Knight himself, Thinker is unable to detect any fear in him and he & his pal are quickly handled.

While fighting Scarecrow alongside Robin, Batman and the Boy Wonder are exposed to 'Crow's fear gas, but this only serves as an annoiance to the Dark Knight. In fact, not only he is able to fight off the illusions caused by the gas and take Scarecrow out, but he does so while talking with Gordon on the phone (sort of) and checking on Robin (who is able to shrug off the gas'effects, as well)(Detective Comics #820)

While facing a guy who can turn people into sort of zombies near instantly by touching their heads with his hands, Bats resists him long enough to reach a flash-light in his belt and use it to blind his opponent, who is then quickly taken out by the Dark Knight (Legends of the Dark Knight #204)

Confronted by a lunatic with powerful telephatic powers who has already found out mentally his secret identity, Batman manages to resist him despite he has also to fight off the people controlled by him (Legends of the Dark Knight #205)

A mutant psychic known as Synaptic Kid is driven crazy and put into a coma after he attempted to read Batman's mind to discover his secret identity for blackmail. He comes to realize that Batman has mentally seperated his two identities to trick people.

Resists a high tech military's mind control machine for 26 hours and with help comes up with a plan to break free

Nudge's mind control power has no effect on him (JLA #98)

Fights off Saturn Queen's mind control defeating her (Superman/Batman #18)

He is able to keep Martian Manhunter's brother out of his mind (JLA Classified #45)

Fights off a psionic assualt from a super vampire that numbed his body but was still able to escape by swimming through quicksand later sneaking up on it saving Superman. He reveals he's able to swim through quicksand by keeping a clear mind (Action Comics Annual #1)

Breaks Manitou Raven's magical sleeping spell that took weeks to prepare for (JLA #67)

Phobos the god of fear (in possession of Scarecrow's body) invades his mind revealing his worse fears but he's able to overcome them

With Wonder Woman's motivation he's able to break free from Phobos possession of his body through sheer will

With motivation from Robin (Dick), he breaks free from the possession of Antithesis over his body (Teen Titans Year One #3)

With Doc Midnite's motivation, he is able to break free from Anger (of the Seven Deadly Enemies Of Men)'s possession through sheer will (JLA/JSA: Virtue & Vice)

52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen #6

Yurrd, Zorrm and Rogga, Horsemen of Hunger, Plague and War, tried to take over Batman, Superman and WW. Plague and War managed to take the Man Of Steel and the Amazing Amazon despite their resistence, needing Veronica Cale to free them by absorbing the Horsemen. Yurrd instead failed, as Bats himself reveals, ending up trapped in the Dark Knight's body and unable to control it.

With Hal's coaching, Batman is able to use Hal's ring to form 2 constructs of his parents in order to come to terms with his most traumatic even in his life, but he decides he doesn't want yet to get over it (Green Lantern #9)

Chosen as the representative of 2814 for the Sinestro Corps, he proves able to reject the control of the sinestro power ring through willpower, so said ring is forced, also due to the fact it has detected previous exposure to a Green Lantern Power Ring on the Dark Knight, to search for a replacement target(Green Lantern #17)

Batman, being fused by the Haruspex with 30th century's evil cyborg Tharok (member of the Fatal Five), manages to hold him back and usurp his control over Validus to have him take out his 3 remaining team-mates. Later, Bats struggles against Tharok to keep Validus unmoving and finally he uses the Haruspex on himself to save Blue Beetle, ending up along with the rest of the Fatal Five in a 30th century's prison and meeting the Legion of Superheroes (Brave and the Bold #4 (2007))

Manchester Black is unable to break Batman mentally as he the only one left among the JLA able to resist Black as they experience their worst fears (Justice League Elite #11)

Batman #682-683

Shortly after the events of "Batman: R.I.P.", following his kidnapping and imprisonement by a Granny Godness-possessed Alpha Lanterns & fellow evil gods of Apokolis (see Final Crisis #2), Batman is enveloped by the telephatic parasite called Lump. The parasite, who also hides in Batman's memories disguised as Alfred (the Dark Knight's "oldest ally") while physically taking genetic material from him, is triggering Bruce's recollections in order to ultimately duplicate them to form a mindless army (created from Batman's DNA) as driven and as good as Bats himself

The evil gods haven't taken into account the Caped Crusader's great will-power. First Bats figures out the Alfred he is talking to isn't really Alfred and threatens he will get him, forcing the gods to stimulate false memories of a world where the Dark Knight never was to distract him and keep taking what they need

Then, Bruce gets seemingly aware of their jailers' presence and almost breaks free, prompting the gods to terminate the scenario and have Bats get back to the trip down memory lane

The evil gods' attemps to keep the Dark Knight under their control, however, are doomed to fail. In fact, first Batman subconsciously has his memories overload the clones, leading them to try to kill themselves, while Bats confronts the Lump himself and resists his efforts to overwhelm him with Bruce's own bad life experiences

Then, the Caped Crusader channels his trauma all at once through the Lump, causing the clone army to start dying

Finally, taking advantage of the fact that the evil gods, in order to cut their losses, shot at the Lump terminating the connection, he convince Lump to help him awaken.

Demon goddess Mistos psychically assualts Superman and Batman with a strong wave of uncontrolled emotions but is unable to keep Batman down who breaks free from her hold and rescues Superman (Spectre vol.4 #4)

Breaks free from the imaginal world that mentally enslaved the JLA and the Spectre saving them in the process (JLA/Spectre: Soul War #2)

Is the last leaguer left standing (even with the Spectre there) able to resist the Trans from overwhelming his mind (JLA/Spectre: Soul War #2)




Detective Comics Annual #2

At the time he's 17 years old and training to be a detective, Bruce Wayne and his mentor detective Harvey Harris are investiganting a series of murders that at first seemed unrelated. During the investigation, thanks also to a detail he learned earlier, Bruce deduces that Hunt (the former leader of the town)'s wife returned under a new last name before the guy they're questioning says so, surprising Harris.

In the end, after his mentor dies saving him from the one who executed the killings (a crazy man), Bruce finds out who is the one really responsible for the murders & why, and finds an original way to punish him, since the lack of evidence makes impossible to just hand him out to the police.

The Dark Knight shows he has deduced who is the inside man who has been helping KGBeast in killing the responsibles for the Star Wars program (Batman #420)

Knightquest: The Search

1 - Deduces Gipsy's presence in the hotel room despite she was concealed (he aknowledges that he was helped by the fact he expected her to be around, though)(JLA Task Force #5)

2 - Recognizes an enviromental activist as the english vigilante Hood he met earlier by the way he moves (Batman is disguised as Sir Hemingford Gray)(Shadow of the Bat #22)

Spotting an invisible man's footprints in the grass, he knocks him out with a batarang (Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #1)

Detects and KOes Invisible Kid by hearing his breathing patterns (Brave & the Bold #5)

Through hearing, he notices J'onn's breathing although he's invisible in the batcave (JLA #119)

Noticed that Batgirl (who's also a master of stealth) was following him all night (Detective Comics #790)

Detects a tripped alarm 3 blocks over in a jewelry store owned by Catwoman (Batman The Widening Gyre #4)

Deduces that The Wrath is not the original who he first fought but is someone new in the costume and younger (Batman Confidental #14)

Examining the homicide crime scene, he figures out that a meta human with super strength and invulnerability is responsible for the murder who turns out to be Steel Wolf

Quickly analysising a single strand of hair (as crime evidence), Batman is able to point out who's strand of hair it is out of the large pile of men in the room

Quickly notices that the Looker isn't acting like her usual self and tricks the poser into revealing their true identity (Lady Clayface)

Figures out he's in a unreal dream-like world and unconscious by having his mind pay attention to his body's signals then deduces the Key's secret plan (JLA #9)

JLA 18-19

When the JLA are facing a probability havok across the world that was unleashed by Julian September's machine and, among other things, caused JLAers to disappear, the team look up to Batman to figure things out. Bats is proven wrong in his assumption that no more disapperances will happen by disappearing himself (and, later, by the disappearnce of J'onn) and, in the end, the day is saved mostly thanks to the Atom and J'onn. But the Dark Knight's other deductions are proven to be correct and, specifically the comments about seven being a message and the team rooster remaining to seven, are instrumental in the disappearing martian understanding that he would have been replaced by the Atom and telling the League to brief the size-reducing hero on the situation upon his arrival, thus greatly helping in setting things right.

The JLAers are misteriously changing, their behaviours and powers becoming impaired. Batman, despite being affected by said change himself thus having trouble to think and concentrate, deduces what happened: their condition was due to Disciple (lunatic empowered by the Elder gods) hitting them with blasts that seemed harmless but, instead, caused them to slowly devolve. Bats also shows his ability to keep his cool head in dire situations, since he remains calm, calms Supes down, and forsees he's going to forget what he wants to say & acts accordingly (he doesn't forsee that he'll become unable also to read, though) (JLA: Primeval)

Bats deduces that the Moon is slowly falling back to Earth (JLA: the Century War (JLA 80 Pages Giant #3))

Because of Bedlam (a kid who was using & being used by an ancient atlantean genie), people all over the world, after waking up, found out all the childrens were gone, thus leading the JLA to investigate on the matter. Nobody understands what happened, until Batman discover the truth: after running various tests, he finds out that the Earth they are on is seventeen hours old. Thus, meaning that it weren't the children who got abducted, but the adults were "kidnapped" and placed in a perfect replica of the real Earth (JLA: World Without Grown-Ups)

A strange energy wave is affecting the powers of many super-powered individuals and the confidence of people. Nobody has a clue as to why it affects metas that haven't much in common, while not affecting in the least others like Supergirl (the Matrix/Linda Lee version). The Dark Knight notices that the one thing all the affected metas had in common was to belong to the same universe, meaning that the wave was tied specifically to this reality, and correctly deduces that Supergirl isn't from this universe (Matrix, in fact, came from a pocket universe's krypton created by the Time Trapper) and point this out as the reason why she is immune to what's happening (Genesis #1).

Batman is reported as having deduced in 5 minutes flat that the JSA's Thunderbolt is, in reality, a fifth-dimensional imp (JLA #28, in the next 3 issues is shown that Bats was right)

Something is causing, world-wide, wild changes in the weather, tidal waves, and animals going wild. Bats figures out that the cause of this is the planet itself, as later sort of confirmed by Aquaman & J'onn telephatically finding out that the Appellaxians (aliens that the first incarnation Justice League of America had to fight in their first case)' Kalar (aka boss) overthrew Gaea (aka the spirit of the Earth, thus having the whole planet as his battle form (JLA: Incarnations #7)

The Kingdom: Planet Krypton #1 & The Kingdom #2

Called by Booster Gold to investigate nocturnal ghost apparitions in his "Planet Krypton" super-hero themed restaurant, Batman finds out that they are sort of echoes of other similar but divergent realities, caused by a group of Titans from the future (whom Bats detect and spot) weakening the barriers between realities with their presence & activity. Later, Bats shows he also deduced that the unfamiliar artifacts he found in Planet Krypton were, in reality, an arsenal, to be used against the mad uberpowerful Gog

JLA #48

The Queen of Fables has morphed Manhattan in an enchanted forest, where the Leaguers are lost. Batman, despite having been kicked out of the League because of the Tower of Babel affair, finds out what the Queen of Fables' deal is and let the JLA access said information. This info proves instrumental for the League to take the Queen out (see JLA #49 for that)

JLA #56

After confirming that the White Martians have returned and acting on a comment made by Plastic Man, Batman deduces that the WM's return is linked to a case he was working earlier (see JLA #55) and finds out the whereabouts of the aliens

Due to mythological monsters raising and related events happening, the JLA is called to fix things. Batman contributes to settling things right by, among other things, noticing that aquatics' life movements follow the pattern of the clouds, deducing that there is a zone of space out of synch with their current location in space-time, noticing that Abra Kadabra seems being responsible, and finding out that, instead, there is something manipulating him as well (JLA #61)

Notices Tezumak is actually anticipating Flash's super speed attacks and wasn't reacting at super speed himself which even Flash doesn't notice thinking Tezumak had super speed as well. He then detects that a ultrasonic trigger (which nobody can hear) has been activated from Tezumak's armor to set off a series of bombs in the theme park by noticing the strange ripple on Plastic Man's body (JLA #67)

JLA #112

A Batman disguised as J'onn (see JLA #113) deduced that the Qwardian uber-weapon the League is fighting isn't a mere machine, but it has a mind

Observes how Wonder Woman adapts to the Flash's super speed attacks by the way she senses the changes in air pressure around her (Wonder Woman #212)

The Dark Knight shows to a surprised Starman (Will Payton) that he knows Will doesn't need air (Starman V1 #10)

Bats shows to a surprised Vigilante that he knows who she is in reality, despite seeing her for the first time in her costumed alter-ego (Deathstroke The Terminator #9)

Upon examining a scrap-book given by by Superman in order to ascertain where it comes from, Batman deduces Supes' secret identity, to the Man of Steel's surprise (in turn, though, Kal El surprises the Dark Knight by revealing his knowledge of the latter's secret identity) (Adventures of Superman #440)

In the latest re-telling of how Batman and Superman discovered each other's identities, a Bats who is in his Bruce Wayne persona enjoying a cruise but being forced to share a room with Clark Kent, shows that he found out that Clark is in reality Supes and explains he deduced that by noticing that the reporter and the kryptonian have the same chin (Superman Batman Annual #1).

In their first meeting, he deduces Martian Manhunter is a telepath (Martian Manhunter Vol. 2 #22)

After Spectre making almost everyone (Flash included) forget the Scarlet Speedster's secret identity, Batman finds it out through detective work and confront Wally, making him regain his memory in the process (Flash #205)

Batman shows that he deduced the Green Lantern Kyle he and Supes were fighting isn't the real one but just a construct created by the real Kyle's subconscious (Action Comics #784)

Picks up a chemical substance in the air by its scent that smells like mushrooms

Concludes that Riddler is actually a hologram since he has no scent to the Riddler's amazement

Deduces that the soldiers are actually holograms plus how its being used (Batman Confidential #33)

Cosmic Odyssey

A group of heroes including Batman is summoned to New Genesis by Highfather and Darkseid, the latter revealing that 4 aspects of the Anti-life entity are loose on this universe and, if they manage to destroy 4 key solar systems of the Milky Way, the whole galaxy will collapse. This would cause the Anti life entity to enter wholly our universe, which would ultimately results in its and the universe's destruction. So, the heroes are enlisted to stop the aspects. Batman and the New god Forager are assigned to protect Earth and its solar system. The Dark Knight's deductive skills prove to be a valuable asset, since Bats first uncover what the aspect is going to use to do his deed

Then he finds out the aspect's whereabouts

Finally, he deduces just whom the aspect is possessing

JLA: Classified #16-17

1 - when General Tuzik, a dictator deposed by the JLA, unleashes a sort of plaugue in the city of Three Sisters (Oregon) that turn its population (mostly its young people)into zombie-like state in order to draw the JLA there, Flash is infected. GL John Stewart doesn't manage to find any sign of any known plague in the city. Batman deduces the real nature of the "plague" and why a middle aged man seemed to not be affected by it

2- since Santa Prisca Prime Minister didn't seriously contribute to Tuzik's war against the JLA and didn't want to provide money to finance it, the general uses weapons provided by Quraq to attack Santa Prisca, causing its people and the animals mental seizures. When the League arrives on the scene, they are affected, as well. Batman quickly deduces that the weapons used to attack them and the city had something to do with the Key:

After J'onn, helped by GL, came in contact with the Starros through one of their victims in order to gather info on whom is behind the recent attacks on the JLA, Batman uses a clue provided by J'onn (it's the "General" who's controlling the Starros) to deduce that general Tuzik was the one responsible for what happened (JLA: Classified #19)

Deduces the meaning of the anagram being used by a telepath thats reading his mind (Legends of the Dark Knight #205)

By examining the murder weapon, Batman deduces that Harvey Dent isn't the one who has been killing supervillains, but he's being framed (Detective Comics #820)

Bats deduces that a goon who is winning too much at cards at Penguin's place is being helped by a low level magician who is a genius level cards counter (Detective Comics #824)

Quickly deduces that the Royal Flush Gang were somehow turned into 2-D beings able to cut through almost anything and finds a way to counter them with help from GL (JLA Classified #33)

JLA Classified #36

Darrin Profitt is a regular guy who stumbled upon Doctor Destiny (aka John Dee)'s Materioptikon and used it to create various realities and versions of himself in order to try his luck and become a successful man (discharging the realities where he failed in the process). Accomplished that, he used the same system to find a way to beat the League and rule the world, and in the 3 remaining scenarios he became the ultra-powerful Red King. In one of these 3 realities, he managed to manipulate events in order to be accepted with open arms in the Justice League (see JLA Classified #33). But Batman, who already had his doubts about him, stumbles in Arkham Asylum on a catatonic Destiny who keeps repeating "Red King", and this is enough for the Dark Knight to figure out he was right in believing the King was up to something, and to guess that he can speak to Dee in order to find out Profitt's deal.

Finds out that a seemingly ressurrected/never died Blue Beetle (aka Ted Kord) is, in reality, a shapeshifter, despite the latter can replicate Kord's DNA perfectly (Manhunter v3 #29)

The Dark Knight figures out that Amazo is processing the powers he just stole from Green Lantern, Supes and WW using Vixen's totem, and has Arsenal fire an arrow at it. It isn't enough to down Amazo, but it still stuns the android, and Vixen later causing him to overload by diving through him & re-taking her totem proves Batman to be right (Justice League Of America #6 (2007))

Brainiac 5 fails to originally deduce what Batman was quickly able to as he even admits here (Brave and the Bold #5)

Batman deduces that the people not mentioned or shown in Destiny's book (and to whom Destiny of the Endless wants to give said book) are the Challengers Of The Unknown, and works with Adam Strange to bring them on Rann, thus being instrumental in saving the universe and the future from the Luck Lords (Brave and the Bold #6)

Bats, in what is probably his first meeting with the Legion Of Superheroes, deduces where/when a time-travelling Luthor clone from the future (who attacked the Legion and Superman earlier) would stroke next, outsmarting Brainaic 5 in the process (Superman Batman #75)

Deduces the strategem Mr. Terrific is using who is playing both Black Canary and GL in chess at the sametime (or rather having them play against one another) (Justice League of America #8)

Amazons Attack #5

A magical shields appears out of nowhere and cuts DC's most powerful heroes (save WW who is teleported inside the shield likely by Athena) off Washington, while leaving Bats and the attacking amazons in there. Bats, despite Diana saw Circe being killed right in front of her, correctly deduces that it the witch wasn't really dead and the shield was her doing.

Green Arrow & Black Canary #1

Oliver Queen seemingly tried to murder Black Canary in their wedding night and Canary was forced to kill him with one of his arrows. She believes it wasn't really Oliver, but all evidence gathered and a scan from Lantern's ring suggests otherwise. So, nobody believes her, until Bats arrives and quickly figures out she is right. Later, an autopsy done by Batman and Doc Midnite confirms this, uncovering it was in reality a shapeshifter posing as Ollie.

Then, he deduces that people who kidnapped the real Oliver already made their next move and made strange proposals to Canary

the proposal in question

Superman #668-669

Batman figures out what red sun radiation exactly does to Superman

Then, he deduces a sort of drug that caused some teenagers to get inhuman strenght and go on a rampage to be kryptonian in nature (apparently confronting his chemical composition with the one of Superman's costume) and identifies a dinstictive photosynthesis pattern in it. Thus giving the Man of Steel an important clue about the third kryptonian's wherabouts

Batman shows he deduced Vixen's change in powers (from mimicking animals'abilities to stealing part of humans'ones) long ago, before even Superman did (Justice League Of America #21 (2008)).

Trinity #2 (2008)

Reality warps around Batman, and he suddenly finds himself in a mystical city, complete with demoniacal laymen. When they confront the Dark Knight, he somehow deduces that everything is insubstantial enough for a single word to break the spell and bring everything to normal, and acts on this deduction

Bats spots one of Morgaine Le Fey's minion despite he is mystically shielded, captures him and deduces it was him who burned WW, shocking Morgaine (who has always sold Batman's skills and accomplishments short until now) (Trinity #5 (2008))

Figures out the real nature of all the supervillains he and Supes are facing, namely tactile holograms created drawing from their memories by the kryptonian crystal they found earlier (Superman Batman #50)

While questioning the members of a pseudo League Of Assassins, Bats deduces that one of them isn't telling the whole truth, as the assassin in question confirms soon after (Green Arrow & Black Canary #11)

Despite being distracted by the personalities of Superman and Wonder Woman bleeding with his own and, thus, having to wall them off, Batman still manages to figure out the links between various events going on at the time (thefts in museums, attempts to brand the Trinity, a Gargoyle attacking Riddler,etc) and thus to find out the hideout of the supervillains behind everything (Trinity #15).

When Superman and Wonder Woman, tapping in Batman's detective skills, figure out the guy Kal is facing is the Anti-matter Earth Riddler, Bats shows he already deduced it, despite he saw him for the first time just in the previous issue (Trinity #16)

Batman correctly deduces that the guy seemingly being the assassination attempts on the presidential candidates isn't someone who can control mind, rather someone who outright possesses bodies (DC Universe: Decisions #3)

Detective Comics #845

Bats solves a supposed serial killer case that has, among others, the police, Riddler and Detective Chimp (a sentient chimp who is good enough to solve a multiple murder case just by giving a look at the crime scene, as shown in Helmet Of Fate: Detective Chimp #1), uncovering that, in reality the killer committed the murders to lure the Riddler and get his revenge on him for the death of his girlfriend years ago

Batman shows he has figured out that Deadshot, who got shot at the head, didn't really died, rather just pretended he did (Batman: cacophony #1)

Batman #681

It's revealed that the Dark Knight deduced a long time ago that Jezebel Jet (his most recent girlfriend) was a member of the Black Glove (a "club" that has been planning the Dark Knight's demise for years) and has been fooling her ever since

Final Crisis #2-3

Investigating the death of Orion of the New Gods, Batman figures out that he was shot by a time travelling bullet, as later confirmed by Jay Garrick and Wally West (the 2 Flash witnessing the event happening and Barry Allen Flash trying to prevent it)

Batman #682-683

Shortly after the events of "Batman: R.I.P.", following his kidnapping and imprisonement by a Granny Godness-possessed Alpha Lanterns & fellow evil gods of Apokolis (see Final Crisis #2), Batman is enveloped by the telephatic parasite called Lump. The parasite, who also hides in Batman's memories disguised as Alfred (the Dark Knight's "oldest ally") while physically taking genetic material from him, is triggering Bruce's recollections in order to ultimately duplicate them to form a mindless army (created from Batman's DNA) as driven and as good as Bats himself

During the trip down memory lane, it's revealed that Batman had studied Joker and deduced his pathology a long time ago, when Dick just got into the Nightwing costume (see Batman #663 to have confirmation of Bruce's theory)

Then, Bats guess that the Alfred he is talking to isn't really Alfred, thus nearly spotting the Lump and forcing Batman's keepers to stimulate the creation of memories of an alternate life where the Dark Knight never was, in order to distract Bruce and keep taking what they need

A stratagem that ultimately fails, since the Caped Crusader's memories shift as if he was aware of his jailers' presence and he tries to break free, an attempt that isn't successful only because the evil gods have the scenery interrupted and Bats to continue re-visiting his memories

Unfortunately for them, Batman has now understood that he is "like a book being read" and is dead sure the Alfred he is talking to isn't the real Alfred, thus prompting a confrontation between Bats and Lump

by the end of which, after Lump is shot (sort of) by his "employers", Bats figures out he is unconscious and restrained somewhere and enlists Lump's help to awake.

Justice League Of America #29 (2009)

Batman figures out that Starbreaker (uberpowerful cosmic vampire that gets his juice from the energy developed in planetary destruction and from intelligent beings' dark emotions) is weakened by people's feeling of hope, something the League then exploit to their advantage to defeat him

Batman: Gotham After Midnight #9-10

Midnight, new murderous sort of vigilante in Gotham, has been killing people he believed to be involved in criminal activities, while having Batman's rogue gallery keep the Dark Knight busy. Bats deduces that his enemies are actually controlled by Midnight and figures out how.

Superman Batman #61

Supes & Bats found themselves in a world where Gotham and Metropolis are a single, merged city, with characters of their respective cities having amalgamated and the main heroes being a mesh-up of JLAers and Titans. The Dark Knight figures out that they are, in reality, trapped in a dream, guessing the mastermind behind it all is none other than Doctor Destiny