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Batman Related Websites

Collected Issues of the Dark Knight

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Other Comic Related Websites

DC Comics - The Official Website of DC Comics.

The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe - Great resource for DC titles & characters. - Best site out there regarding up to date comic news. It contains also reviews, message boards, and more.

CBR Links Database - Extensive collection of comic related links sorted in various sections.

The Green Lantern Corps - Simply amazing website dedicated to the Green Lantern legacy easily my fav GL related website.

Marvel Family Web - Most likely the best website dedicated to DC Comics/Fawcett Captain Marvel and the Marvel/Shazam Family.

Superman Homepage - Greatest Superman fan site on the net.

Uncanny - By far the best site dedicated to the X-Men and related characters.


Superhero Chat - My favorite superhero related community forum with lots of great debators.

Alvaro's ComicBoards - Has a vast ammount of character boards to enjoy.

The Comics Edge - Fairly new and small comicbook community forum but definitely a good one.

Wing-Nuts Forum - Small but very dedicated Nightwing centered fan forum that you can go to talk about Bludhaven's guardian.

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